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Stray Animals

Stray dogs and how to deal with them:

Never approach an unfamiliar dog. Though it may seem friendly and curious, it may bite a stranger who attempts to pet it. Call your local Police or Animal Control Office. You may need to contain it in a fenced yard, kennel or garage. To lure the animal into a confined area, until Animal Control Wardens can pick it up, tempt it with a trail of treats or food that leads to the confined area.

Stray cats and how to deal with them:

Stray cats should be taken to a local animal shelter. To contain a stray cat, use a live trap, a cat carrier or a large box using bait such as tuna or cat food. Once the cat is contained, call your local police department or animal shelter.

*Kane County does not have a cat leash law, therefore we do not pick up loose stray cats.

**Some cities do have cat leash laws. Check with your City or Village Hall for more information.