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Rabies Tags Fee for Dogs and Cats - How do I register my pet with Kane County?

Rabies Tag for Spayed/Neutered and < 1 year of age $15.00 One Year
Rabies Tag for Non-Spayed/Neutered $40.00 One Year
Rabies Tag for Spayed/Neutered $35.00 Three Years
Rabies Tag for Non-Spayed/Neutered $90.00 Three Years
$1 Replacement Fee if you need to replace a lost tag.

Senior Citizens (65 years or older) do not pay for original tags given with shot.

Adoption Fees - What is Included

Dogs $200.00 Adoption Application
Cats $100.00 Adoption Application

Redemption Fees - Neutered:

Pick-up stray or sick or injured $75.00
Boarding Charges (per day) $25.00

Redemption Fees - Non-Neutered:

Pick-up stray or sick or injured $150.00
Boarding Charges (per day) $50.00

Additional Pick-Up Fees

Microchip (where applicable) $15.00
After Hours pick up* $50.00
Stray Animal Pick-Up, 3rd and Subsequent Offense $50.00

* weekdays 8pm-6:59am, weekends/holidays ANYTIME

The animal control administrator shall rebate fifty percent (50%) of the pick-up and boarding charges if the animal is neutered within forty-five (45) days of being reclaimed and evidence provided to the animal control department.